What they search.
              Before they decide.



Our vision 

Imagine if you could combine search with semantic analytics?
Also, if you could build a Smart Data technology to detect early stage signals from what consumers think?

And then if you could develop (to begin with) a vertical application for Equity Research / Financial services?
And a vertical for Predictive Analytics / Marketing teams using this technology?

Introducing MoodSights.

A new, unique and cutting-edge Smart Data tech startup turning people’s mood into early stage business signals.

What is MoodSights all about?

Detects early stage business signals from combined cutting-edge technology of Big Data, Semantic Analytics and Artificial Intelligence.

Anticipates consumers’ behaviors to assist organizations to make tactical and operational decisions.

Our difference is your success

MoodSights technology is predictive. It captures what people think before their decision vs. what people say in most other Social Analytics tools

MoodSights data sources consider everyone’s opinion and interest. Not only those using social media (40% to 50% depending on country / market segment)